I know all of my letters and several rules of grammar. As a writer and content strategist, I combine creativity with attention to detail and a passion (that’s right–a passion) for hitting deadlines.

I can get pretty business-y. In fact, I’ve spent many years specializing in B2B content strategy and developmentIf that’s what you’re most interested in, click here >>

But I also love creative writing, so I spend all of my non-business-y time writing for television and film. I punch out screenplays, collaborate with fellow screenwriters and build marketable properties for clients. I have a few original concepts of my own, too…  If this is what you’re interested in, click here >>

Lastly, I think the convergence of marketing, technology and entertainment is pretty fascinating. If you do, too, then click here >>

Or, just contact me to learn more. I’d love to chat.